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Until then, check out a recent review from a couple who attended our most recent show to hear more about the fun!

This was our first time ever!!!!! Outrageous.we came on July 23, 2016. I am turning 70 in September and my husband, a child is 68. We were totally ecstatic over your show..we were celebrating our 42nd anniversary.. moved down from New York to Delray in February forever.. we are in withdrawal from Broadway, The Met Opera, Madison Square concerts, so we are hungry for good entertainment in this insane frightening and depressing time in all our lives.. you took us away to the 80's remembering our kids growing up, Bohemian was a favorite on road trips to Florida when they were little.. the 70' and the Viet Nam war, and your acknowledgement of the Purple Heart recipient on stage made me cry..we were at the Rinker in West Palm your last show..the 60's.. just blew us away with a major part of the audience it seemed..the Beatles of course the old commercials, Donkey Kong.. the clock counting down. Slinky... the production was exceptional entertainment and talent.. the brass playing Chicago, your troupe singing Whitney made me cry as did Michael. thank you sooooo much for making this the most memorable experience in Florida to be remembered for the rest of our days..the guitarists, the drummer, the lighting the huge screen.. what can I say, so much to enjoy the dancing and singing in the aisles..yes we did.. but didnt get a string of hoo... thank you thank you thank you.. big question...WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK TO THE KRAVIS CENTER IN WEST PALM BEACH.. SAY SOOOON PLEASE.. Thank you alll soooo much!!!!! "


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